in 2024

The Flammarion engraving is a wood engraving by an unknown artist.
The Flammarion engraving is a wood engraving by an unknown artist.

First post on my brand new website, I made it myself!

I made the website using my long and very unused license of Statamic. Statamic is a packaged CMS making use of Laravel PHP framework. Laravel handles the backend and Statamic takes care of the frontend. My favorite thing about Statamic is the Antlers templating engine. The syntax is very easy to understand and to work with when passing formatting to modify the HTML.

Regarding hosting, I'm using Dreamhost. It's pretty affordable and pretty cool in regards with what you can do on the server. I'm able to control PHP versions, install dependencies like Composer to make it easier to work with the Laravel framework. I was pretty close to hosting it on Digital Ocean but the path of least resistence always wins. Signing up in Dreamhost and the pricing made the decision quick.

The front of the front-end technology stack, just plain old HTML and CSS. JavaScript not needed yet. At minimum I'm planning to make use of the posts JSON feeds using the JavaScript fetch API. I'd like to push all posts to my Mastodon feed. Statamic does come with tailwindcss ready to go in the starter kit they provide but I like to write my own CSS. I try my best to keep things very minimal. When you use front-end frameworks, you get more than you'll ever need to use.

My main use for this website is to document and share stuff that I find interesting. I usually share this website with my close friends and family. But I'm also making use of it to share "work" or previous work stuff because right now I need to get a job. Took a break from work and it's time to get back to it!