redesign desktop design layout. desktop design layout.

Link: mobile design layout. mobile design layout.

Tools Used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Angular

Early 2023 I redesigned the universities events web application and university email called Messenger. This is the daily campus distributed email. Faculty, students and staff recieve this email every morning. The goal is to inform everyone of the university related events going on around campus.

I worked with marketing department who provided the initial drafts of the desktop and email designs of Messenger. My job was to implement those designs into our web application. The web application used Angular to build out the website and email template. I wrote the CSS and HTML into the Angular template. This template would build out to the web application. The other Angular template build was for the email that gets sent to all university faculty, students and staff inboxes. I also write the HTML and CSS for that template.

Other work I provided was helping troubleshoot some logic in Angular to detect the state of the user type in order to output the correct data depending if the user was a faculty member, student or staff.

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