Starting a new job at UTH Human Resources - Innovation, Analytics, and Technology (HRIAT) Team

Today, March 4th of 2024 I start my brand new job at a very familiar environment. I use to work at UTHealth back in 05/2008 - 12/2011. I worked at the time for the web communications web team that managed the universities main websites,

Starting today I will work for UTHealth's HR department, specifically the Innovation, Analytics, and Technology Team. This is an extremly rare opportunity for me because for a majority of my web development work history I've worked on university wide websites. What that means is that my work affected globally all the university website properties. These are the highly and most trafficked websites for the universities. This was a huge responsiblity to take on and run like a well oiled machine. I did pretty good if I must say so.

But starting today as I was saying, all my focus can now be harnessed to a single department. The department is a very huge part of the university and has plenty of departments within it. To me this is rare that I can just focus on one department. I always had to think in a wider sense because of the reach that the websites had. I recall seeing the analytics on a monthly basis and millions of visits was a normal statistic to see. Changes or updates to templates or to servers had to be done with care. All that being said, this experience can now be focused to absolute precision which I am very much looking forward to doing!